Remedial massage and osteopathy – how massage fits into osteopathy recovery plans

Remedial Massage and osteopathy are separate therapies. Each therapy does provide different benefits in healing the body, but they are interconnected in many ways.

Remedial massage and osteopathy – how massage fits into osteopathy recovery plans

Benefits of full body remedial massage:

Remedial massage works with the body. The treatment is hands-on and focuses on the soft tissue, restoring function, relieving pain, decreasing muscle tension and/or spasm. The benefit of remedial massage is to promote healing and improve physical or athletic performance.

Benefits of Osteopathy:

Osteopathy is also a hands-on approach to healthcare. It recognises the important link between the structures of your body & the way they work.

Here at Central Coast Osteopath, we focus on your skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, and circulation and how they work together. Our Osteopath will improve your health & well-being via this manual treatment.

Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners that can assist in definitive diagnosis behind the pain. It may be illness or injury that is causing the pain. Remedial Massage comes into this collaborated treatment as an instrument in the recovery plan.

How massage can form part of osteopathy recovery plans:

Osteopaths use a range of approaches to enhance function, including manual therapy, exercise therapy and rehabilitation. They also offer ergonomic advice, lifestyle and patient education. Osteopaths determine the mix and frequency of treatment and management approaches using skilled clinical evaluation and diagnostic approaches.

Remedial massage can be an integral part of osteopathy treatment and can be highly beneficial when recovering from injury and/or managing pain and discomfort.

Osteopaths can prescribe remedial massage as part of a comprehensive recovery plan for patients. Here at Central Coast Osteopath, we have qualified remedial massage therapists within our clinic to assist during treatment sessions and for recovery/rehabilitation plans.

Remedial massage for full body massage or targeting specific injuries or pain within the body can help in the following ways:

  • reduce or alleviate pain, contributing to better overall physical and mental health
  • help improve circulation throughout the body
  • help restore damaged tissues back to health
  • reduce impairment to the body, through pressure on deep muscle tissue, joints, fascia and tendons, which are all connected within the whole musculoskeletal system
  • help prevent compensatory injury by keeping muscles throughout the body supple and healthy, where other areas of the body are strained to cope with the stress of injury

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