Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain

(including Shoulder joint pain)

Fix neck pain with Osteopath treatment on the Central Coast

If you are seeking a natural and effective treatment for shoulder pain and neck pain. Look no further than our local Osteopath here on the Central Coast – high quality Osteopathy care.

Shoulder pain and neck pain can be debilitating and simply painful! While shoulder and neck pain usually originates from the spinal joints in the neck, it may also be because of damage to the muscles, discs and/or ligaments. Some elements that may be contributing to your shoulder and neck pain include: muscle tightness, a lack of movement and/or incorrect posture over extended periods.

Treat shoulder pain with Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Remedial Massage

We conduct hands-on treatment techniques including soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, gentle stretching, joint articulation, mobilisation and sometimes manipulation. We aim to restore normal muscle tension and improve the range of joint mobility to the neck, shoulder and middle back regions. Dry needling may also be used to assist in the relief of your shoulder pain.

Osteopathy takes a holistic approach by focusing on the relationship between our body’s structure and the way it functions and how it has the capacity to heal itself.

We also offer advice on posture and exercise. Have you considered if you have the right pillow? What about ergonomics in your work-place, or where you study? We help you identify the optimal support over the long term to ensure your current shoulder and/or neck pain don’t quickly return. Since we look at the bigger picture (not just your presenting symptoms), our osteopathic treatment will not only reduce your pain and discomfort now, but will also help to ensure you stay pain free and comfortable over the long-term.

Our local Osteopath, Shane Caulfield on the Central Coast, we will assess your entire upper body (neck, back and ribcage) to determine the root cause of your neck and shoulder pain and discomfort. We will also take your lifestyle into consideration, including:

Your sleep patterns

The type of pillow you use

What you do for a living/what you study

The type and frequency of exercise you do

Your posture


Big picture healing for long-term neck and shoulder comfort

If you have ever suffered from neck and shoulder pain (the two commonly go hand in hand) you will know how uncomfortable and debilitating it can be.

Often the result of poor posture, arthritis, scoliosis or an injury, neck and shoulder pain doesn’t discriminate in terms of age or gender. It commonly affects people of all ages, including children, and is also sometimes linked with thoracic or middle back pain and headache.

Given the increasing prevalence of smartphones, ipads and computers in our lives, people of all ages today are spending more time being sedentary and looking at their screens. Is it any wonder this causes undue strain and stress to our thoracic spine and neck regions?

Common symptoms of neck and shoulder pain include:

A general feeling of stiffness

Muscle pain and tension

A feeling of being hunched over

Some people even describe feeling as though their head is too heavy for their neck to hold up comfortably.

Don’t put up with shoulder/neck pain and discomfort any longer. Call us to make an appointment today.