Why bone adjustments along with remedial massage is better than massage alone

Our Body

Our bodies are made up of several systems including a muscular-skeletal system, the soft tissue, muscles, and tendons merged with the skeleton and all of them work together for optimal mobility. Therefore, it makes sense that the ideal treatment is to treat both.

Remedial Massage and Bone Adjustments – why they are the perfect pair in Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a wholistic natural therapy that combines assessment of injury, misalignments or immobile joints, tendon, and ligament therapy. It also includes joint and skeletal adjustments, body stretches, exercises and rehabilitation plans.

Remedial massage is the manual soft tissue therapy only. Therefore, while muscles, tendons and ligaments may be improved… the joint and skeletal issues are not. This may result in short-lived relief because underlying skeletal and joint issues are not treated.

Treat your body ailments all at once with Osteopathy

Receiving a remedial massage (sports massage or deep tissue massage) in unison or interchangeably with Osteopathy maximises the effectiveness of both treatments.

A common goal people seek when having remedial massage and Osteopathy treatment is to:

  • increase your overall mobility
  • relaxation
  • reduce tightness of muscles
  • reduce pain symptoms
  • and fast-track recovery from injury.

But a remedial massage is not so effective at restoring correct alignment of our muscular-skeletal system combined. For example, if there are areas within your spine that become misaligned or loose movement, which also puts pressure on the nervous system – a remedial massage alone may not present the fix you seek.

An Osteopathy treatment will tend to be more direct at adjusting vertebral subluxations. These are the misaligned vertebrae of the spine or vertebrae that loses movement. Having an Osteopathy treatment will enable you to keep correct posture and reduce chances of reoccurrence of your presenting symptoms.

Having a remedial massage prior to Osteopath therapy is the ideal treatment to fast-track recovery, improve movement and function of your joints and muscles. The remedial massage releases tension through your overall body and helps you into a more relaxed state for the Osteopath therapy that addresses the skeletal system along with soft tissue.

The two therapies really complement each other in helping you with better movement, healing, prevention of injury, and improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Here at Central Coast Osteopath, our Osteopath appointments include Remedial Massage treatment (on specific areas or full body massage as required) and may include dry needling acupuncture to prepare your body for Osteopath manual therapy.

Osteopathy is non-invasive, safe and effective on every body type in relieving pain while assisting with recovery, rehabilitation.

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Important Disclaimer: The content provided above should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis of your individual needs.