Back pain and treatment

Our Osteopathic therapists understand how debilitating back pain can be. Shane, our Osteopath has over 30 years’ experience with treating acute and chronic back pain.

About 4.0 million Australians (16% of the total population) have back problems, based on self-reported data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2017–18 National Health Survey (NHS).

As we age, it is natural for back problems to increase. For example, back pain in 0-24 years’ is considerably less than the older age groups.

Back pain (besides that caused by disease) is commonly caused by:

  • Disc disorders (herniated discs or degeneration of discs)
  • Sciatica and curvature of the spine
  • Back pain problems (in general that are not classified and can include accidents)
  • Sacrum instability (causing lower back pain)
  • Pelvic misalignment

By the time patients come to visit Central Coast Osteopath, they are in life-debilitating pain. This is the result of years of dysfunction. It’s no surprise that it is not a quick fix to remove back pain, however with self-help exercises and lifestyle changes (along with your Osteopathic treatments) – patients can considerably reduce back pain and correct disfunction (subject to the cause of your back pain).

At home self-help to help strengthen back and reduce back pain

A key aim in any movement or exercise of the back is to strengthen and stabalise. Of course, we strongly recommend that you make sure that before you attempt these exercises at home, that you have been taught by a qualified staff member or our Osteopath on how to do them correctly and to the level that is suitable for your current condition. (this exercise may not be suitable for everyone).

On all-fours indoor exercise to improve your core strength

This position is commonly called “tabletop”. So, you need to have your body like a tabletop in which you could set things on without tipping over. That’s hard to do so we’ll get as close as we can.

  • Wrists under shoulders, knees under hips, hip width apart, spine is neutral and hips parallel to the floor
  • Draw navel to the spine to engage core

This will create more stability in the all-fours position.

  • Raise one arm in front and the opposite leg out behind you. Keep them straight, hold 15 secs and breathe (or as long as you can hold it).
  • Then draw leg and arm to opposite sides of the room (ie. while keeping your leg elevated – move it to the right. Move your elevated arm to your left – while maintaining its elevation). Hold 15 secs and breathe (or as long as you can hold it).
  •  Repeat these same movements on other side.

This is a simple and ‘free’ exercise that you can do at home (and indoors if needed) to improve your back strength and stability. Make your you are not doing this on a slippery surface. We suggest a yoga mat.

There are plenty of exercises, posture corrections and tips that our Osteopath can give you to assist in relief of your back pain.

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