How Osteopath treatment for running injuries is so effective!

Running injuries here on the Central Coast in Spring are common.

It’s time to ensure you keep a “spring” in your step!

Running injuries treated by an osteopathThe weather is warming, the days are lengthening and many of us are taking advantage of this with some increased outdoor exercise including running and walking.

Before you end up in a position of needing treatment from running injuries… it might be worth a visit to your Osteopath. This is because we understand that running is a great way to get in shape. It helps improve cardio-vascular fitness, enhances muscle tone and can even lift your mood! Therefore we highly encourage you to participate, however running can pose certain risks, including those that are marathon runners.

If you are new to running, you may be at increased risk of needing treatment for runner’s injuries. If you are stepping up your running routine (either in length or intensity), then you could also be putting yourself at more risk of injuries from running.

Common Running Injuries

Treatment is commonly required for running injuries including: Runners knee, achilles tendonitis, hamstring issues, planter fasciitis, Shinsplints, stress fractures to name some!

It is essential to take precautions to avoid injury and to seek osteopath treatment when you do suffer injury from running. This goes for those seasoned runners that may be training for a marathon or simply someone that enjoys running and simply would like to improve their personal best.

Here we explain how our osteopath can significantly assist healing of injuries from running.

Our Central Coast Osteopath can provide rehabilitation from running injuries, and he can also help you prevent running injuries happening in the first place!

Osteopathy for running injuries

Osteopath treatment is holistic in approach because we don’t just address the injury itself but what may be causing it. This is particularly important in a sport like running because there is repetitive body movement. If your body movement is unbalanced or incorrect (even by the smallest amount) it can put the body under unnatural stress and in-turn result in injury.

Our osteopath uses his hands to assess and diagnose – then treat any injury and underlying problems caused by strenuous exercise like running long distances and/or marathon training. The focus of any assessment is the musculoskeletal system (joints, bones, muscles and tissues).

Using bio-mechanical assessment techniques, our osteopath will review a person’s mobility, stability and alignment throughout the spine and lower limbs.

Osteopath treatment then involves a range of different gentle stretches, manipulations and massage techniques. We work to restore the body to its normal function, helping to ease any tension built up in the muscles around joints, as well as increasing circulation. This treatment can help to aid recovery from running injuries, treat injuries and help to prevent future injuries. This is so you can get back to running asap.

There are long term benefits of Osteopath treatment for runners as well.

A knee injury for example, may affect the lower back, the hips and even the feet. The impact of running can take its toll on the body. By learning about your history, our osteopath will be able to develop a deeper understanding of your injuries. He can identify the link between reoccurring injuries from running and work with you to bring your body back to its proper alignment. This will then prevent injuries from reoccurring.

Our osteopath can also provide advice on lifestyle changes. Diet and fitness regimes that will help you as a runner, to stay fit and healthy and to keep running.

Visiting our osteopath on a regular basis will help you as a runner to minimise future injuries. To restore your joints, muscles and tendons to their peak condition. You may even end up running faster!

If you would like to learn more about how osteopathy can benefit runners, or to arrange an appointment, please call and speak with Shane, our Osteopath. At Central Coast Osteopath.